Yes on Measure A

Accountable Leadership. A Better Sacramento.

Measure A promotes an equitable Sacramento, increasing citizen participation in establishing budget priorities and making our elected City Leader accountable for implementing policies that advance equity and economic progress in Sacramento.

Vote Yes on Measure A!

  • Accountability in government that empowers our elected Mayor to act quickly and decisively in times of crisis and to implement policies to address our most pressing needs.

  • Participatory budgeting that provides direct input from citizens.

  • Inclusive economic development that expands to all neighborhoods.

  • Stronger City Council and improved representation for neighborhoods.

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Who we are

“Measure A represents an unprecedented commitment to providing youth from every neighborhood in the city with real opportunities and pathways to 21st century jobs."

Cassandra Jennings
President & CEO, Greater Sacramento Urban League

"Measure A flips the script on how the City funds youth programming."

Michael Lynch
Co-founder & CEO, Improve Your Tomorrow

"It’s time that every decision in Sacramento be put through the lens of racial and gender equality."

Jim Gonzalez
Chair, Latino Economic Council of Sacramento

"It’s time we make real reforms that will guarantee permanent change and hold our public officials accountable for keeping their promises."

Chet Hewitt
Co-founder Build. Black.

"Measure A will ensure our elected are held accountable and can react quickly to the challenges like housing and homelessness that have been exacerbated by the pandemic."

Nikky Mohanna
Principal, Mohanna Development Company

"Measure A lifts the voices of the people and gives them direct influence over how tax dollars are spent."

Pat Fong Kushida
President & CEO, Sacramento Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce

"Measure A empowers the people and gives our communities the resources we need to invest in young people."

Keishaun Turner
Lead Academic Mentor at Improve Your Tomorrow

"Now is the time to revamp the outdated way of doing business."

Amanda Blackwood
President & CEO, Sacramento Metro Chamber

"This will cement the city’s commitment to inclusive economic development and give our city the tools it needs to continue our growth.”

Kevin Ferreira
Executive Director, Sacramento Sierra Building and Construction Trades Council

"The Mayor and City Councilmembers currently lack sufficient tools to move quickly enough to deliver even better results. That’s why we need Measure A – for Accountable Leadership."

Darrell Steinberg
Sacramento Mayor

"I believe this is the right thing for Sacramento to do. Measure A will help Sacramento compete for high-wage jobs, more state and federal funding, and ensure we are best equipped to handle emergencies."

Angelique Ashby
City Councilmember

"Measure A will ensure our City government is able to meet the needs of Sacramento's diverse neighborhoods as our city continues to grow."

Rick Jennings
Sacramento City Councilmember

"Now is the time to chart our future, from addressing housing and homelessness to combatting community violence and ensuring opportunity for all our youth."

Jay Schenirer
Sacramento City Councilmember

"Measure A will require the city to take long overdue actions to lift up our underserved communities with meaningful engagement strategies and accountability."

Debra Oto-Kent
Measure U Community Advisory Committee

"Measure A provides the funds we need for our communities to succeed and ensures people have the ability to hold our Mayor and other elected leaders accountable for keeping their promises."

Yvonne Walker
President, SEIU 1000

“Many in our community have called for fundamental change, Measure A is the answer."

Tecoy Porter
Senior Pastor of Genesis Church and President of the National Action Network's Sacramento Chapter

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What Measure A Does 

Increases accountability in government by giving our elected Mayor the tools to act quickly and decisively in times of crisis and to implement policies to address our most pressing needs.

Establishes a participatory budgeting process to give citizens direct input on City budget priorities.

Requires the City to analyze the social equity (including racial equity, ethnic equity, LGBTQ, and gender equity) impacts of the city’s budget and major policy decisions.

Creates a 9th City Council District to improve diversity on the Council and strengthen neighborhood representation.

Makes our elected City Leader accountable for implementing policies that advance equity and economic progress in Sacramento.

Establishes term limits for the Mayor to no more than two terms. 


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